Work started on new 24hr Gym in Mansfield

Commercial Electrical Installation

Power and lighting installation to new anytime fitness gym


We have recently been commissioned to install all power and lighting for a new client who is opening an Anytime Fitness Gym. The new Gym is sited on Nottingham Road in Mansfield next door to Ilrosso in the old Henshaws Kitchens building and plans to open mid March 2016.

If your interested in learning more or becoming a member find out more on the Anytime Fitness Mansfield Facebook Page 

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Solar Panels as an investment

Solar Payback


The above table shows how we would expect a 4kw (4000 Watt) system to perform on a roof facing South with no shading at an angle of 30 degrees.

The figures don’t lie and we have pleanty of customers that have had solar a long time now and will agree.

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DIY – Electrical work

20150630_101127Bad wires cause fires – These spotlights were recently replaced following an electrical wiring test. Without the test this would probabbly have gone undiscovered until something bad happened. This is a Code 2 on our electrical wiring test report which means potentially dangerous as it has single insulation and also an expesed live coductor.

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Enphase Micro Invertor Solar Pv

Two Solar Panel Systems

Two happy customers reaping the reward of investing in solar panels to help power their homes. These installations are situated in Mansfield Woodhouse and use micro invertors instead of the industry standard string invertors. Micro invertors cost a little more money but squeeze the most out of each individual panel. They come with an industry leading 20 year guarantee and you can keep track of their performance online as they transmit data over your mains cables and then onto the Enphase online portal.Find out more about  solar pv here…





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4kw Benq Sun Forte system installed in Luton

3.840kw Solar Pv system installed Luton

12 x 320 watt solar pv panels !!!

This roof was too small to get 4kw with 16 or more panels. We managed to fit the 320 watt super powerful BenQ Sun Forte panels so we only needed 12 ! These were then connected in 2 strings of 6 to an Eltek Inverter.
For anyone with a smaller roof these panels maximise your production giving you more performance per square metre than most other panels on the market.
For more info call Jb Electrical on 01623 332000 or visit our website
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Solar Panel System installed in Rotherham

4kw Solar Pv system installed in Rotherham, Sheffield

4kw enphase micro inverter system

4kw Enphase Micro Inverter system in Rotherham

This customer is fighting back against the big 6 energy companies by producing their own electricity.
4kw worth of Solar PV panels are connected to 16 Enphase micro inverters which has individual panel monitoring and individual panel shade management. The Enphase Micro Inverters come with a twenty year guarantee as standard.
Contact Jb Electrical to get your own solar panel system installed
.Call us today on… 01623 332000
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1Kw Solar Panel system installed in Mansfield Woodhouse

4 x Ja Solar panels fitted in Mansfield Woodhouse Nottinghamshire

Solar Powered Power station

4 x 250 watt solar panels connected to 4 x enphase micro inverters.
This customer already had a 3kw solar panel system on their house but added another 
1Kw system to their garage roof to make their total upto 4kw.
The system can be monitored over the internet where it will show you how much power each 
individual panel is producing. This system should produce around 1,000 Kwh of electricity every year.
Jb Electrical                 01623 332000                 Solar Mansfield
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4kw Solar Panel system installed in Mansfield

16 x JA Solar Pv Panels

4kw Solar Panel System installed using 16 x JA Solar Pv panels connected to a Samil 3600tl inverter.
Jb electrical – 01623 332000 -
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4kw Solar panel system split facing South and West installed – Scunthorpe

4kw solar panel system installers – Scunthorpe

Installed next door to our last Scunthorpe installation

16 x Ja Solar Pv panels fitted over 2 roofs connected back to a SMA Sunnyboy 3600tl inverter
8 panels facing South and 8 Panels facing West.
Jb-electrical - - 01623 332000

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Enphase Solar PV Panel Array Of The Week Winner

Winner of the Enphase solar PV system array of the week 

Scunthorpe solar pv installers

The winning installation.

We are very proud at Jb electrical to have won this title and it goes to show what the hard work and commitment the whole team here at Jb electrical can achieve. 
Enphase are a world wide supplier of micro inverters and have years of experience in the solar pv market, they certainly know their stuff ! 
See our write up here
Jb Electrical – 01623 332000 –  
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