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Our electricians have completed many Solar Panel installation's across the UK. We can fit solar to most types of roof, big, small and even heavily shaded.
solar panel's

Our electricians have completed many Solar Panel installations across the UK. We can fit solar to most types of roof, big, small or heavily shaded.

Free Solar Energy

Unlock the potential of your roof space, create your own electricity and get paid money off the Government for doing so.With over 10% APR return on investment potential a Solar investment is better than money in a saving's account.

solar panel installation


Solar panel equipment


solar panel system design

System Design

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Solar Panel Installation

Solar panel installation

Solar Installation Overview

The Solar Panel's will get mounted to your roof and connected to an Inverter which convert's DC power into mains AC power that can be used in your home. This is then connected to your fuse board so it can start delivering power to your applience's. All this can be done usually in a day with little or no disturbance to your home.

Solar panel installer

Solar Rail Installation

Your roof tiles are slid up and then rail mounting brackets (roof hooks) get botled direct to your roof trusts. The tile is then slid back into place over the roof hook body making the roof water tight like before. Once a row of hooks have been fitted the solar panel rail can be bolted to them and adjusted to a level finish.

Solar panel mounting

Mounting the Solar Panel's

Solar panels are laid between a set of mounting rails and then securely bolted down. As the panels were laid they are tested and connected with the cable ends being run to the inverter.

Solar panel inverter

Solar Panel Connection

The cables carrying the DC power created by your solar panels are run to an inverter. The Inverter convert's DC electric into AC mains power thet can be used in your home.

Solar Panel Inverter

Power Your Home

A cable is then run to a Generation meter which keep's count of how much electric you have generated. Finally the power is connected to your fuse board where it can send power to your home applience's.

Solar Equipment

4kw Solar panel installation

Solar Pv Panels

Solar Panels convert daylight (irradiance) into electricity. Solar panel's don’t require heat or direct rays from the sun, even on a dull day they will still generate some electricity. Solar Panel's have no moving part’s and they have self cleaning glass so there's no maintanance.

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Solar Panel Inverter

These are designed to efficiently convert the DC electric your solar panel's are generating into more useful AC electric which can be used in your home.

Instant Detective

Generating Electricity

A Generation meter is fitted in line with your new system to count how much electricity your solar panel system is generating. The Generation meter is used by your energy company to work out how much money they need to pay you for electricity you have generated.

Performance Optimized

Motion Detection Motion Detection

Made to measure

We will measure and scale your roof so there's no guessing how many panel's will actually fit on your roof.

Schuco Inverter

Inverter Sizing

Every system has to have it's inverter specifically tailored to suit the Solar Panel array on the roof. Each inverter has a working range and we will design your system to work in the middle of that making your system super efficient.

enphase micro inverter

Micro Inverter's

These are the new generation of efficient Inverter and are a great option for shaded roof's. These bolt to the Solar rail and you will need one for each Solar Panel to maximise performance on a per panel basis. They monitor each Solar panel on your roof seperatly and have a class leading 20 year guarantee. Upto 20% more performance (Manufacturer's estimate)

4kw Micro Inverter System Data

Motion Detection

The Benefit's Of Solar Pv

solar panel home make money with the feed in tariff

The Feed In Tariff

You will get paid for every unit (kwh) of electricity your Solar Panel system generate's. Even if you use every bit of energy your panel's create you will still get paid for generating it.

export tariff excess power to the grid

The Export Tariff

Your energy company has to pay you additional money for every unit you put into the national grid. There is no meter monitoring this so they estimate that you will put 50% of what you generate into the grid.

Environmentally friendly green electricity

Free Electricity

Even though you are getting 2 lot's of money from your energy company you can still use the Free electricity as it's being generated without it effecting either of your payment's.

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Solar Panel Investment

With the price of electricity only going up, spending money on your own little power station is an excellent idea. The Government are slowly reducing the amount of money new installation's will recieve, act now to lock into the higher rate of cash payment's